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Trustworthy Commercial Tree Service in Kootenay and Area

Trees beautify commercial properties and are essential for some businesses, such as golf courses, but they can also mar your property’s appearance with fallen leaves and branches. An overgrown tree downed by strong winds or an ice storm might obstruct your parking lot, break electrical lines, or smash vehicles and structural assets. Could anything be worse for your bottom line than a visitor being injured on your property? Fortunately, Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd. provides commercial tree services throughout the Kootenay area.


You’re a professional, and you deserve professional service: our team of certified arborists, fallers, and climbers are qualified to evaluate trees, provide effective plans for their maintenance, and perform efficient, cost-effective maintenance and removals with full cleanup. We are fully insured and safety compliant, so we know the safest methods for dealing with trees and if a worker is injured on your property, you won’t be liable.


Contact us for any of the following commercial tree services:

Dangerous tree assessment

Dangerous tree removal

Stump grinding

Electrical line clearing

Emergency tree service

Tree replacement/repair

Tree pruning

Landscape services

Vegetation and interface management

Crown restoration

Mobile brush chipping

Cabling and bracing

Lot clearing

Tree planting

Tree watering

...and more

For an estimate on any of our services, contact the professionals at Glacier Valley Tree Care.

Tree care

Green Your Business

We bring professional tree services to commercial properties.

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