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Efficient Tree Service in the Kootenay Area

Whether you’re a homeowner or you are operating a golf course, if you have trees they will need regular inspection and maintenance. Depending on the tree’s health and life cycle, you might even need a tree removed. Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd. has a reputation for providing outstanding residential and commercial tree services to Kootenay and the surrounding area. Our certified arborists, fallers, and climbers can assess your trees, advise an ideal maintenance plan, and conduct dangerous removals. Contact us for the following services:

Residential tree service

Commercial tree service

Arborist services

Dangerous tree assessment

Dangerous tree removal

Electrical line clearing

Emergency tree service

Fruit tree pruning

Brush cutting


Full cleanup

Stump grinding

Tree planting

Tree watering

…and more

Thorough Customer Service

From pruning fruit trees to removing dangerous tress, when our team arrives on site, we commit to thorough customer service. We have the ability and the equipment to take down tall trees—even those near electrical lines—and grind stumps down to chips. When you get a quote from our team, it includes thorough cleanup. With the training and experience to handle all manner of tree services, our work is quick, clean, and done according to inclusive estimates, so you won’t be surprised by extra costs when we finish.


Moreover, we are fully licensed, so you will be protected from liability when you leave the dangerous work up to us.  


Why wait for an overgrown or rotting tree to crush your house or a customer’s vehicle? Contact Glacier Valley Tree Care and let us keep your property safe and looking its beautiful best.

Tree care

No Job is too Small, No Tree is too Tall

Call, text, or email us for tree care and emergency service.

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