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Careful Tree Pruning in Kootenay and Area

Trees need pruning to protect their vitality and prevent them from becoming overgrown. All trees grow and spread out, and when your tree grows beyond its support structure, becoming overburdened with leaves and branches, high winds can threaten its stability. Tree maintenance is necessary to keep your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing. But how and when do you clip your trees without damaging them or hurting yourself? If you need help with tree pruning in Kootenay and the surrounding area, you can contact Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd.

Hedge Trimming and Small Tree Shearing

Hedges provide yards with beautiful natural barriers, but they are at their greenest and healthiest when properly trimmed. Our tree care service has the tools and know-how to clip your hedges and prune small trees to perfection.

Fruit Tree Pruning

A fruit tree can make a wonderful addition to your yard… until it becomes overloaded with weight and topples in a windstorm, leaving you with upturned soil, a half-exposed root system, and branches obstructing your path. Regular pruning is necessary to keep your fruit trees strong and stable.


Ideally, tree pruning occurs after the summer months. For an estimate on expert tree maintenance, contact Glacier Valley Tree Care.

Tree care

Clip It!

Keep your trees and hedges well-maintained with Glacier Valley Tree Care.

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