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Providing the Kootenay Area with Safe Tree Removal

Trees on your property can present major dangers: an overgrown or rotting tree felled by wind or ice can smash houses, vehicles, and other structures. Even if you own a chainsaw, it’s important to consult an expert before taking a tree down yourself. Tree climbing and trimming is deadly serious: even arborists get injured, with the majority of work-related incidents in our field being fatal. Leave that hazardous tree removal on your Kootenay property to the trained professionals at Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd. We work during the Kootenay winters, even when there is heavy snow, and provide 24/7 emergency services.

Safe and Insured Tree Removal

Our team includes certified climbers, fallers, and arborists. This means we can assess if your trees are hazardous and determine the safest ways to manage them or bring them down. We are fully insured, so if one of our workers is injured onsite or the tree causes damage to your property during its removal, you will not liable.


When you need experts to remove hazardous trees from your property, contact Glacier Valley Tree Care.

Tree care

Do you need emergency tree removal?

We’re ready in emergencies to remove downed trees on your property.

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