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Swift, Efficient Stump Grinding in Kootenay

If you undertake your own tree removal, how do you get rid of the stump? Even a small stump takes labor-intensive digging, snapping roots, and pulling a heavy stump from the ground—it’s a smart way to injure your back. But a stump left in the ground is a tripping hazard and an unsightly obstruction. Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd. has the equipment and the know-how to remove the stump and its root system without messing up your yard with unnecessary digging. Contact us for an estimate on stump grinding in Kootenay and area.

The Benefits of Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding is the safest, most efficient and eco-friendly way to remove hazardous, unattractive stumps from your yard. Accomplished with a rotating cutting disk, our tool allows us to grind the stump away to your preferred depth and diameter, so we impact as little of your yard as possible. Once the stump is ground away to chips, we remove the chips and clean-up the site—this full service is included in your estimate.


Overall, stump grinding is a much better option than hurting yourself, damaging your power tools, hurting your yard and the environment with chemicals, or wrecking your yard with a backhoe. A large digging machine is costly and might damage nearby plants, structures, or utility lines. Stump grinding is a smarter, more affordable option.


For fast, effective stump grinding, contact Glacier Valley Tree Care.   

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