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Residential Tree Service Professionals in the Kootenay Area

If you are a homeowner, the state of your trees can seriously impact your property. Your resale value will improve if you clear the land of dangerous trees that threaten structures and power lines and unsightly blemishes on your yard such as stumps and rotten small trees. It pays off to inspect, maintain, and upgrade trees and hedges before they become overgrown or diseased. For quick, clean residential tree service in Kootenay, contact Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd. Our certified arborists, fallers, and climbers have expertise in all of the following:

Dangerous tree assessment

Dangerous tree removal

Electrical line clearing

Storm and wind damage removal

Tree removal

Stump grinding

Tree replacement/repair

Tree planting

Tree pruning

Hedge trimming

Crown repair

Mobile brush chipping

Cabling and bracing

Lot clearing

Landscape services

Emergency service

Tree watering

...and more


A beautiful job on a hedge!

Certified and Insured Customer Service

Gardening can be exhausting, but there is a big difference between light yard work and heavy-duty tree maintenance and removal. Climbing and cutting trees is dangerous work, and best left to the experts. Our team is certified and fully-insured, so in the event of an injury on your property, you won’t be liable.


When you want tree services and yard cleanup you can count on, contact Glacier Valley Tree Care.

Tree care

Maintain Your Yard

From hedge trimming to stump grinding, we care for and remove trees from residential properties.

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