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Yard Cleanup and Tree Removal for Kootenay and Area Homeowners

Do you have downed branches in your yard? Are your trees getting overgrown or decaying in places? Tree trimming is necessary to deal with branches that are infringing on your house or spreading rot to the rest of the tree. Dead branches and trees are eyesores, and sometimes a whole tree has to be removed. Tree trimming and removal can be dangerous business: why hurt yourself in a fall or equipment accident? For full yard cleanup and professional tree trimming in Kootenay and area, contact the certified experts at Glacier Valley Tree Care Ltd.

Electrical Line Clearing

As trees grow upward, they also threaten power lines. This is a dangerous situation: a falling or interfering branch can break a line, resulting in an out-of-control, spark-shooting cable. Contact with a downed power line can be fatal, as can contact with a live-wire. For these reasons, it is necessary to trim trees that grow near electrical lines, but also essential that you leave the job to professionals. Our service has the training, experience, and equipment to clear your electrical lines of interfering trees and branches safely and efficiently.


Much More than a Tree Removal Company

We always compost our tree chippings. We screen and utilize this dark, rich organic by-product to give the new trees we plant a good, healthy start. Contact Glacier Valley Tree Care today

Tree Chipping
Tree care

Trim It!

We cleanup yards and commercial properties, even clearing electrical lines.

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